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Audio Conferencing – Audio Connecting all your stakeholders together at lowest possible costs!

Communication within your organization and outside your organization has always been a key driver for all performance metrics when it comes to all kinds of organizations. Audio conferencing is by far one of the most widely used ways of communicating, either in one to one, one to many or many to many formats.

Our Unified audio conferencing provides HD, high quality, low cost and secure solution to all your audio conferencing needs. Already many reputed organizations of varied sizes and geographical presence are satisfied users of our Audio conference solution. All Audio conference are routed through our own Audio conference bridges thus ensuring high degree of secure and noise-less conferences a reality for you and your business stakeholders. We can also provide limitless customization of high degree depending upon your specific requirements owing to our own Audio conference bridge.

Round the clock, end-to-end Audio conference facilities are provided and managed by us so that you don’t have to worry about anything after you have become our user. We offer reservation less Unified Audio conference service round the clock, and round the year with our strong network of 150+ dial-in-local & toll free numbers globally for you. Few ways in which Audio conference services can make a difference to your organization are as below:

Our Audio Conferencing services are ideal solutions for:

  • Sales Reviews
  • Product Launches
  • Internal & External Trainings
  • Investor Relations Calls
  • Mass Broadcasts
  • Board Meetings
  • Team Meetings
  • Large Lectures
  • Field Audit Calls
  • Press Releases and Conferences
  • Virtual Events and Conferences
  • Audio Panel Discussions
  • Brainstorming Calls etc.

Our Audio conference services have the following unique technical features integrated within all our packages:

  • Easy scheduling by single click from Office Outlook or Outlook Web App
  • Accessible from multiple devices & geographies
  • Secured conferencing through various levels of authentication
  • Customized and Company’s branded welcome message at the start of conference or event
  • All participants join in as muted participants by default
  • Music being played until the conference is open, on hold, mute/unmute, Q&A etc.
  • Support during event preparations, Q&A and follow-up sessions
  • Conference recording and file download
  • Sub conference option
  • Concall Manager and Smartphone Application
  • 24 X 7 tech support and customer care support